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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmassmass1 /mΓ¦s/ ●●○ S3 W3 noun πŸ”Š πŸ”Š 1 large amount a) [countable]HPLOT/LARGE NUMBER OR AMOUNT a large amount of a substance which does not have a definite or regular shape πŸ”Š The food had congealed into a sticky mass.mass of πŸ”Š a high mass of rock b) [countable usually singular]LOT/LARGE NUMBER OR AMOUNT a large amount or quantity of somethingmass of πŸ”Š a huge mass of data c) masses of something British English informalLOT/LARGE NUMBER OR AMOUNT a large amount of something, or a lot of people or things πŸ”Š Masses of books covered every surface in the room.2 crowd [singular]CROWD a large crowdmass of πŸ”Š There was a mass of people around the club entrance. πŸ”Š The road was blocked by a solid mass of protesters.β–Ί see thesaurus at group3 β†’ the masses4 β†’ the mass of people/the population/workers etc5 church ceremony (also Mass) a) [countable, uncountable] the main ceremony in some Christian churches, especially the Roman Catholic Church, which celebrates the last meal that Jesus Christ ate πŸ”Š What time do you go to mass?morning/evening/midnight etc Mass πŸ”Š Will I see you at morning Mass?say/celebrate Mass (=perform this ceremony as a priest) β†’ High Mass b) [countable] a piece of music written to be performed at the ceremony of mass πŸ”Š Mozart’s Mass in C minor6 science [uncountable] technicalHP the amount of material in something πŸ”Š The Sun makes up 99.9% of the mass of our solar system. β†’ critical mass
Examples from the Corpus
massβ€’ A mass of people stood before the courthouse.β€’ A mass of bodies scrambled over the shelves, everybody was shouting at one another and books were being thrown in all directions.β€’ Aerobic exercise and reduced-calorie diets produce weight loss, but reduce the resting metabolic rate because they do not maintain muscle mass.β€’ The bus station was a seething mass of people.β€’ Balustraded verandas surmounted each level, and a succession of towers projected from the mass of the building.β€’ What would he say of the masses of modern art that you have to plug in in order to fully appreciate?β€’ The mass is apparently about right, and the Z o has appeared at just the right frequency.β€’ Soon afterwards, as in the Western Middle Ages, there were masses of peasant serfs, and great feudal States.solid massβ€’ The drained curd, now a solid mass, is turned out of the muslin and the really hard work of milling begins.β€’ To the Gaijin rear Jotan's five hundred were a solid mass cutting off the line of retreat.β€’ The hygroscopic mixture got damp; when the humidity went down again it caked into an intractable solid mass.β€’ Walls can be cut half-way down or at either side to form dividing slabs rather than solid masses.β€’ It was wild, looking at the solid mass of people and then looking.say/celebrate Massβ€’ Having made that decision, he found he could once again say Mass.β€’ Ask him to be so kind as to come here and say Mass tomorrow morning.β€’ One such male priest conducted a ritual of purification of a church after a woman priest had celebrated Mass there.β€’ Why tear the church apart sO you can see the priest say Mass?β€’ Catholic community that celebrated Mass each Sunday in a chapel on the campus of Georgetown University.β€’ I wasn't able to say Mass.β€’ From about the twelfth century and until the Council, every priest was expected to say Mass separately each day.