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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnatural philosophyˌnatural phiˈlosophy noun [uncountable] old use  HPscience
Examples from the Corpus
natural philosophyBut it would be misleading to speak of separation given the religious foundations of his natural philosophy.They were to be the basis of a new natural philosophy, and were advocated both by practising experimenters and by theoreticians.The anti-Aristotelianism and the newly emerging concept of natural philosophy were, then, not private but public developments.A separation of science from religion has also been seen in a diminished authority for the Bible in matters of natural philosophy.Boyle's essays reveal an unprecedented series of distinctions, of the utmost importance in the promotion of natural philosophy.It is plain from all of this how moral philosophy is taken to depend on natural philosophy.He says rather more, however, about their ill effects on natural philosophy, mathematics, and religion.Aristotle too claims in several places that natural philosophy and medicine go hand in hand and are studied by the same people.