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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnuclear fissionˌnuclear ˈfission noun [uncountable]  TPHPthe splitting of the nucleus (=central part) of an atom which results in a lot of power being produced
Examples from the Corpus
nuclear fissionThe most important are nuclear fission, wind, wave and tidal energy sources and solar energy by direct conversion and biomass.An obvious and technically achievable alternative to fossil fuel combustion is nuclear fission.Plutonium is a unique and inevitable by-product of nuclear fission.Start to phase out nuclear fission power stations, which are prohibitively expensive and potentially hazardous.Perhaps this is a reflection of the problems that have plagued nuclear fission.In the mid-1950's nuclear fission had still to be turned into a commercial power source.Containing nuclear waste Anti-nuclear campaigners sometimes claim that nuclear fission and its dangerous products are a purely manmade phenomenon.