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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnuclear physicsˌnuclear ˈphysics noun [uncountable]  HPthe area of physics which is concerned with the structure and features of the nucleus (=central part) of atoms
Examples from the Corpus
nuclear physicsHe held a chair in physics from 1937 until his retirement publishing more than 150 papers on atomic and nuclear physics.It's a subject whose passion for diagrams and abbreviations and formulae can give nuclear physics a run for its money.Elena fostered Nicu's interest in nuclear physics.He says Harwell has now expanded from dealing solely with the field of nuclear physics.The other simple analogy is to the chain reaction of nuclear physics.Like Nicu she studied nuclear physics, but unlike Valentin, she was never considered suitable for study abroad.Tom, this ain't nuclear physics!Thermoluminescence dating and environmental radiation monitoring is also pursued within the nuclear physics group.