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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishphosphorescentphos‧pho‧res‧cent /ˌfɒsfəˈresənt◂ $ ˌfɑːs-/ adjective  LIGHTHPshining slightly in the dark but producing little or no heat a strange phosphorescent light
Examples from the Corpus
phosphorescentA soft glow hung over Lowell Cove like a phosphorescent cloud.The question, in a lows somber voice, emerged from beneath two phosphorescent dots.On his thigh Jaq wore that warlock's image in phosphorescent green.One should expect things like phosphorescent hills and midnight gunplay.a pale green phosphorescent lightThe clock gleamed a phosphorescent midnight.A kind of phosphorescent pale elegance about his face.The block, whatever it was, lay still before her, lipped by the faintly phosphorescent rim of shallow water.A stream of urine struck the water leaving a phosphorescent trail on the surface.