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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpivotpiv‧ot1 /ˈpɪvət/ noun [countable]  1 TEMa central point or pin on which something balances or turns2 IMPORTANT[usually singular] (also pivot point) the most important thing in a situation, system etc, which other things depend on or are based onthe pivot on/around which something turns/revolves Iago’s lie is the pivot on which the play turns.pivot of West Africa was the pivot of the chocolate trade.
Examples from the Corpus
pivotNew designs with foot pivots allow snow hikers to tackle almost any hill or valley.The tableau is no longer primal feasible and one further pivot as shown. is required to achieve an optimal tableau in which.He was a great pivot man and developed a very good outside shot.Any friction at the hammer pivot will slow down the movement of the hammer, tending to make the action sluggish.Classification as a linking device or pivot.It was at the pivot of the secondary system - the process of selection - that innovation apparently took place.Nuclear weapons and the missiles to deliver them became the pivot around which much of the Cold War revolved.Secondly, the bounds provided by penalties can be used to prune the tree and avoid unnecessary pivots.