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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpolarpo‧lar /ˈpəʊlə $ ˈpoʊlər/ adjective  1 SGclose to or relating to the North Pole or the South Pole As our climate warms up, the polar ice caps will begin to melt.2 polar opposite/extreme3 HP technical relating to one of the poles of a magnet
Examples from the Corpus
polarIn fact polar homeotherms, whether northern or southern, show very few recognizable adaptations for polar living.However, the life-cycle savings model is the polar opposite case from pure classical savings.Until his polar opposite steps lightly down on to his moon-paved home ground, the sleek beast-headed man sits at peace, inviolable.For more polar polymers, specific solvent effects become more pronounced and extrapolations have to be regarded with corresponding caution.The crew flew a polar route to Detroit from Eastern Russia.But the crews of high-altitude aircraft, especially on polar routes, can receive significant amounts of radiation over time.Many polar species have clearly originated in this way by adaptations of metabolism, form and lifestyle.