Date: 1300-1400
Language: Latin
Origin: pressura, from premere; PRESS2


1 noun
pres‧sure1 S1 W1


[uncountable] an attempt to persuade someone by using influence, arguments, or threats:
They are putting pressure on people to vote yes.
be/come under pressure to do something
The minister was under pressure to resign.
be/come under pressure from somebody (to do something)
I was under pressure from my parents to become a teacher.
The Labour government came under pressure from the trade unions.
pressure for
Pressure for change has become urgent.
pressure on
the pressure on all of us to keep slim
He exerts pressure on his kids to get them to do as he wants.
You must never give in to pressure.


[uncountable and countable] a way of working or living that causes you a lot of anxiety, especially because you feel you have too many things to do
pressure of
I feel I'm not able to cope well with the pressures of life.
pressure on
The pressure on doctors is increasing steadily.
under pressure
I'm under constant pressure at work.
The pressures of work can make you ill.
athletes who show grace under pressure (=who behave well when they are anxious)

causing change

[uncountable and countable] events or conditions that cause changes and affect the way a situation develops, especially in economics or politics:
inflationary pressures
Analysts expect the pound to come under pressure.
relieve/reduce pressure (on somebody/something)
Slowing the arms race relieved pressure on the Soviet economic system.
The 1990s brought increased economic pressure to bear on all business activities.


[uncountable] the force or weight that is being put on to something
pressure of
The pressure of the water turns the wheel.
the pressure of his hand on my arm


[uncountable and countable] the force produced by the quantity of gas or liquid in a place or container:
The gas containers burst at high pressure.


[uncountable and countable] a condition of the air in the Earth's atmosphere, which affects the weather
high/low pressure
A ridge of high pressure is building up strongly over the Atlantic.

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