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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishquantum theoryˈquantum ˌtheory noun [uncountable]  HPthe idea that energy, especially light, travels in separate pieces and not in a continuous form
Examples from the Corpus
quantum theoryThis is a profound question, and present-day quantum theory does not really provide us with a satisfying answer.However, in quantum theory, anything that is not actually forbidden can and will happen.Might not some essential aspects of quantum theory also be playing crucial roles in the physics that underlies our thought processes?Here is the unique point at which the fitful indeterminacy of quantum theory makes itself felt.We must face the problems of quantum theory later!Similarly, in the quantum theory of gravity, there are many different possible quantum states for the universe.According to quantum theory, elementary particles do not really exist until an intelligent observer measures them.A divorce is decreed between wave and particle which quantum theory had for ever joined together.