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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsolid-stateˌsolid-ˈstate adjective  1 TEEHPEsolid-state electrical equipment contains electronic parts, such as silicon chips, rather than moving mechanical parts2 HPsolid-state physics is concerned with the qualities of solid substances, especially the way in which they conduct electricity
Examples from the Corpus
solid-stateFor the brute power demands of heavy rock and large orchestral works, stick with a solid-state amplifier.This type of solar cell is now a possible alternative to its solid-state counterpart.In truth, the price of the solid-state lasers and photo receptors needed in the termination hardware is continually falling.Then, in the 1960s, solid-state microelectronics had been perfected.In solid-state solar cells the junction between two materials of different electronic properties absorbs light and converts it into electricity.