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workwork2 ●●● S1 W1 noun  1 job [uncountable]JOB/WORK a job or activity that you do regularly, especially in order to earn moneyemployment There isn’t a lot of work at this time of the year. He’s been out of work (=without a job) for two years. More people are in work (=have a job) than ten years ago.before/after work (=before a day of work or at the end of a day of work) Do you want to go for a drink after work?see thesaurus at jobGRAMMAR: ComparisonworkIn this meaning, work is always an uncountable noun. You say: It may be hard for older people to find work. Don’t say: find a workjobJob is a countable noun.You say: I applied for a job as a reporter. Don’t say: I applied for a work.You say: Her first job was in London. Don’t say: Her first work was in London.2 place [uncountable]WORK FOR somebody a place where you do your job, which is not your home I had an accident on the way to work. He left work at the usual time. I went out with the girls from work last night.at work Dad’s at work right now.3 duties [uncountable]WORK THAT somebody DOES the duties and activities that are part of your job A large part of the work we do involves using computers. He starts work at 4 am. He’s started a business doing gardening and roofing work.4 result [uncountable]WORK THAT somebody DOES something that you produce as a result of doing your job or doing an activity Send a résumé and examples of your work. The building is the work of architect Rafael Moneo. The teacher should make sure that each child has a piece of work displayed on the wall. The standard of work has declined.5 papers etc [uncountable] the papers and other materials you need for doing work Can you move some of your work off the kitchen table? I often have to take work home with me. 6 book/painting/music [countable]A something such as a painting, play, piece of music etc that is produced by a painter, writer, or musician the Collected Works of Shakespeare It is another accomplished work by the artist. work of artsee thesaurus at music7 activity [uncountable]WORK THAT somebody DOES when you use physical or mental effort in order to achieve somethingwork on Work will start next month on a new swimming pool in the centre of the city. Looking after children can be hard work.carry out/do work You should not allow unqualified people to carry out work on your house.set to work/get down to work (=start work) He set to work immediately.8 study [uncountable]WORK THAT somebody DOES study or research, especially for a particular purposecarry out/do work The centre carries out work to monitor trends in housing management. He did his postgraduate work in Sociology.9 at work10 the (whole) works11 nice work/quick work12 something is in the works/pipeline13 works14 the works15 operation [uncountable] an operation to make you look younger or more attractive syn cosmetic surgery All these celebrities have had work done.16 have your work cut out (for you)17 make short/light work of something18 make heavy/hard work of something19 be a work in progress20 all work and no play (makes Jack a dull boy)21 force [uncountable] technicalHP force multiplied by distance be all in a day’s work at day(21), → do somebody’s dirty work at dirty1(8), → a nasty piece of work at nasty(7), → nice work if you can get it at nice(12)COLLOCATIONSMeanings 1 & 3verbsstart workHe started work as a trainee accountant.look for work (also seek work formal)Young people come to town looking for work.find work (=get a job)It was difficult for them to find work.return to work/go back to workHis doctor agreed he was fit enough to return to work.ADJECTIVES/NOUN + workpart-time workIn recent years part-time work has become more popular.full-time workAre you available for full-time work?paid workShe hasn’t done any paid work since she had children.secretarial/clerical/office workI have a background in secretarial work.She had done clerical work before she married.legal work (=work done by lawyers)He will handle all the legal work.manual work (=work done with your hands)Most of them were employed in manual work.voluntary work British English, volunteer work American English (=a job you are not paid for)She also did voluntary work in a girls’ club.somebody’s daily work (=the work someone does every day)When they finished their daily work they would be too tired for much except rest.phrasessomebody’s line of work (=type of work)I meet lots of interesting people in my line of work.the work environmentIt is important to have a pleasant work environment.work practicesShe supported me enthusiastically in bringing in new work practices. COLLOCATIONSMeaning 7: when you use physical or mental effort in order to achieve somethingverbscarry out workThe work should be carried out without further delay.do workHe was doing some work on his father’s car.set to/get to/get down to work (=start work)They set to work cutting down trees and brushwood.undertake workAbout a three adults in ten undertake voluntary work.work starts/beginsWork had already started on the bridge when the error was spotted.work continuesWork is continuing on three major building projects.adjectiveshardIt’s been very hard work, but I’ve loved every moment of it.backbreaking (=very tiring)Clearing the garden was slow, backbreaking work.arduous (=needing a lot of effort)This was physically arduous work.heavy work (=hard physical work)The heavy work is done by the gardener.light work (=work that is not physically hard)He had been ill, but she found him some light work to do.
Examples from the Corpus
workFor this reason, parents are always welcome to see their children at work in our school.Her mother tried to call her at home and then at work.David tries to avoid work at all times.Have you ever done bar work before?Are you still involved in charity work?He's doing construction work these days.He eventually found work as a labourer on a construction site.Finally, I would like to thank all the staff for their hard work this year.She is surrounded by books and papers; her desk piled high with correspondence relating to her work.Her later works reflected her growing depression.I'm not doing any more work on the house this year, I can't be bothered.His last few speeches had been awful, and he knew he had to put more work into them.Who says museum work doesn't pay?Handel's "Messiah" is one of the most majestic musical works ever written.A major new work by one of Poland's leading film directors will be shown next Saturday.A considerable amount of work was necessary to establish even this basic framework.A quick change can be effected by using this additional experience to point to another type of work.Rawls's work reaches somewhat different conclusions concerning justice and equality to that of Hayek.'Where's Dave?' 'He's outside, doing some work on the car, I think.'He liked the work, and he was good at it too.An opportunity was afforded when the council supported El Universal in its uncomplimentary evaluation of the work of the early independence leaders.Being in the police isn't all action. Administration is a large part of the work we do.His injuries have made it impossible for him to go back to work.Alexander commutes 30 miles to work each day.Could I ride with you to work tomorrow?How do you like your work?out of workJean's been out of work for six months.In some of the more desolate regions, half of the active population is out of work.The number of people out of work and claiming benefit fell by 18,000 in August to 1,051,300.Punishing the young Young people aged 18-24 years who remain out of work can lose benefits.It is running out of working cash because it has £ 44m worth of books in stock.Ron and Melanie found themselves out of work and deep in debt.Naturally, most people thrown out of work do not like it and suffer psychological stress.He was out of work for twelve months.The money went for staffers who were out of work when the probe ended.at workDanger! Men at work.It's great seeing his diplomatic skills at work.She's still at work. I'll ask her to call you when she gets home.starts workIn the mornings Elaine can not get up before 9am - which is when her care assistant starts work.His committee starts work next week.She starts work at eight-thirty with Blakelock.a piece of workIt was a triumph, as a piece of work.Looking at a piece of work on the board Mrs Singh said she wanted her son to write like that.This may be a piece of work offering straight forward short-term helping around obtaining a service.It is an opportunity to experience at a practical level the pleasures of creating a piece of work or joining and dance.Crude as Farley plays it, his endearing-blowfish persona is quite a piece of work.The result is that a piece of work takes a long time to complete.He took a piece of work with him to finish.When a piece of work is late they enquire as to their prey's health, and mention an upcoming pay review.work onPeter's in the kitchen working on his model airplanes.Scales and finger exercises are the areas to work on if you want to improve your technique.Your tennis playing is getting better, but you need to work on your serve.carry out/do workBetween 1390 and 1398 Lewyn was carrying out work at Finchale priory, subordinate to Durham Cathedral.