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acacia acorn almond aloe vera anemone angelica aniseed annual anther apricot aquatic arboreal arboretum artichoke ash asparagus aspen aspidistra aubergine avocado balsa balsam bamboo bark barley basil bay bay leaf bean beech beet begonia belladonna betel biennial bilberry bindweed biotechnology birch blackberry blackcurrant blackthorn bloom(n) bloom(v) blossom(n) blossom(v) bluebell blueberry bole boll botanical botanist botany bougainvillea bough box bracken branch breadfruit briar brier broad bean broccoli broom Brussels sprout bud(n) bud(v) bulb bulrush burr bush busy Lizzie butter bean buttercup cabbage cacao cactus calyx camellia canopy cantaloup capsicum caraway carnation carrot cashew cassava catkin cauliflower cedar celery cellulose chard cherry chervil chestnut chickweed chicory Chinese leaves chives chlorophyll chokecherry chrysanthemum cilantro citron citronella citrus clematis clementine climber clove clover cloverleaf coca cocoa bean coconut coffee bean collard greens cone conifer conker copper beech core coriander corn corncob cornflower cotton cottonwood covert cowslip crabgrass creep creeper cress crocus crop cross-fertilize cultivate cultivation cumin cutting cyclamen cypress daffodil dahlia daisy damson dandelion dandelion clock date deadly nightshade deciduous dill dock double duckweed Dutch elm disease elder elderberry elm endive etiolated eucalyptus evergreen(a) evergreen(n) female fennel fern fertilize fibre fig leaf fir flax flesh fleshy flora flower foliage forget-me-not foxglove freesia frond fruit(n) fruit(v) fuchsia fungal fungus furze gardenia gentian geranium germinate ginger gladiolus gooseberry gorse gourd grape grapefruit grapevine grass grassy green green bean greengage green onion green pepper groundnut guava gum gum tree hardy haricot hawthorn hazel hazelnut heart heath heather hedgerow heliotrope hemlock hemp herb herbaceous hibiscus hickory hip holly hollyhock honeysuckle horse chestnut horseradish huckleberry husk hyacinth hybrid iris ivy jasmine Jerusalem artichoke juniper kale kelp kernel kidney bean kumquat laburnum larch laurel lavender leader leaf leaf mould leek legume lemon lentil lettuce lichen lilac lily lily of the valley lima bean limb lime linden linseed locoweed log loganberry lotus lush lychee magnolia mahogany male mallow mandrake mangrove maple marigold marrow may milkweed mimosa mint mistletoe morning glory moss mountain ash mulberry mustard mycology myrrh myrtle narcissus nasturtium native(a) native(n) naturalist nectarine needle nettle nodal node nodule nut nutshell oak offshoot oilseed rape oleander olive orchard orchid osier ovary overgrown overgrowth ox-eye palm palm tree pampas grass pansy papyrus parasite parasitic parsley parsnip passionflower peach pear peat pecan peony peppermint perennial(a) perennial(n) periwinkle persimmon petal petunia phlox photosynthesis pimento pimpernel pine pineapple pinewood pink pinto bean pip pippin pistachio pistil pit pitch pine pith plane plane tree plankton plant(n) plant(v) plantain plum pod poinsettia poison ivy poison oak pollen pollen count pollinate poplar poppy poppyseed potato prickle prickly prickly pear primrose primula privet propagate puffball pulp pussy willow ragweed ragwort ramble rambler rampant rank rape raspberry rattan redcurrant redwood reed reedy resin rhizome rhododendron rhubarb rice rind ripe ripen root(n) root(v) rose rosebud rosemary rubber plant runner runner bean rush sac sagebrush sandalwood sap sapling sappy sapwood sassafras savory scallion scion scrub scrubby seaweed sedge seed(n) seed(v) seedling segment senna sepal sequoia sesame set shallot shamrock shed shoot(v) shoot(n) shrub silver birch skin sloe snapdragon snowdrop sorghum sorrel soya bean spearmint spinach spiny spore sprig spring onion sprout(v) sprout(n) spruce squash stalk stamen stem stigma stinging nettle stock straw strawberry string bean stump succulent sucker sugar sugar beet sugarcane sunflower swede sweetcorn sweet gum sweet pea sweet william sycamore tamarind tangerine taproot tea teasel teazel tendril thistle thistledown thorn thorny thyme timber toadstool top trailing transpiration transpire transplant tree treetop trefoil truffle trunk tuber tulip tumbleweed turnip twig underbrush undergrowth unripe vanilla variegated vegetable vegetation vein vetch vine violet virginia creeper wallflower walnut water chestnut watercress water lily weed whorl wild rice willow wilt wisteria wither withered woody wormwood yam yew yucca

Language: Old English
Origin: plante, from Latin planta 'new growth on a plant, part cut off a plant to be grown again'


1 noun
plant1 S2 W1

living thing

[countable]HBP a living thing that has leaves and roots and grows in earth, especially one that is smaller than a tree:
Don't forget to water the plants.
a potato plant
the forest's plant life (=plants)


[countable]TIF a factory or building where an industrial process happens:
a huge chemical plant
power plant


[uncountable] British EnglishTI heavy machinery that is used in industrial processes:
a plant hire business

something hidden

[countable usually singular] something illegal or stolen that is hidden in someone's clothes or possessions to make them seem guilty of a crime


[countable] someone who is put somewhere or sent somewhere secretly to find out information
WORD FOCUS: garden WORD FOCUS: garden
parts of a garden: lawn, flowerbed, hedge, patio, rockery, pond, greenhouse, compost heap, kitchen garden

things you do in the garden: cut the grass/mow the lawn, weed the flowerbeds, sow seeds, plant flowers/bushes/trees, water the plants, cut back/prune roses and other bushes, trim the hedge

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