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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishacaciaa‧ca‧cia /əˈkeɪʃə/ noun [countable]  HBPa tree with small yellow or white flowers that grows in warm countries
Examples from the Corpus
acaciaParnell Forbes: one eye pricked out, with an acacia thorn.A Hogarth curve of red spray carnations and red roses was shown with a collection of assorted bottles and acacia seed pods.It should be treated as a crop rather than as a long-term tree and should be mixed with fruit and acacia trees.To touch or approach the Ark is death, but acacia symbolizes resurrection and immortality.I mention this to Yacouba and suggest his committee should consider planting acacia and fruit trees instead of eucalyptus.Wood is scarce in the Sinai desert, but the acacia is one of the few trees which grow there.The far edge of the acacia grove was bordered by a shoulder-high wall topped by woven millet stalks.The acacia grove, like a dense cloud, became a dark backdrop for her.