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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishalmondal‧mond /ˈɑːmənd $ ˈɑː-, ˈæ-, ˈæl-/ noun [countable]  almonds.jpg HBPDFFa flat pale nut with brown skin that tastes sweet, or the tree that produces these nuts Stir in the ground almonds and egg.
Examples from the Corpus
almondI put an almond croissant in a low oven for him.Vines and almonds, lemons and oranges, pomegranates and sugar.Buttered almonds, or even the chewed leaves of the laurel.Stir in melted chocolate, flour, peppermint extract and chopped almonds.Puds with flair include almond blancmange and bread-and-butter pudding; the long, shrewd wine list starts at £6.90.Homemade cranberry sauce with slivers of almonds and pieces of orange peel.Beat eggs slightly and combine with oil, almond extract, bananas and pineapple.In London, Renshaws put the almonds to work.