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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbamboobam‧boo /ˌbæmˈbuː◂/ noun [countable, uncountable]  bamboo_table.jpg HBPDHFa tall tropical plant with hollow stems that is used for making furniture
Examples from the Corpus
bambooGrazing buffalo knocked over the satellite dish, so a bamboo fence has had to be built around it.Ann's boyfriend hits Tommy around the head with a bamboo cane spiked with nails.His 60-foot bamboo raft will have a crew of five or six people.In 1970 a large area of bamboo flowered and died resulting in many deaths through starvation in the panda population.Along the sidewalks, women walked with heavy baskets of produce hooked on bamboo poles laid across their shoulders.I tried peeking down through a gap between the bamboo slats.But the bamboo raft ploughed forward smoothly.But the bamboo sailing rafts needed less than a foot of water to float, and came gliding right into the shallows.