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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbaybay1 /beɪ/ ●●○ noun [countable]  1 seaDNSG a part of the sea that is partly enclosed by a curve in the land a house with a view across the bay Montego Bay2 keep/hold something at bay3 areaPART an area within a large room or just outside a building that is used for a particular purpose a storage bay loading bay4 for cargoTTR the part of a ship or plane where things are stored the cargo bay5 tree (also bay tree)HBP a tree that has leaves that smell sweet and are often used in cooking6 horseHBADSH a horse that is a reddish brown colour
Examples from the Corpus
bayIn a bay where the two arms of the L joined was an open vintage car.He kept his disease at bay, changed his diet and actually got bigger and stronger.But I have to keep the reality and the horror at bay.the space shuttle's cargo bayThe old-fashioned three-bay barn - the centre bay with doors each end for loading - has much in its favour.the San Francisco Baya loading bayEach truck would drive into the bay beside the tower, replacing a truck that had just been emptied of its load.And then the floor of the bay was rushing up towards them.The east shore of the bay had no airport landing strip, no railhead, no long-distance bus terminal.sailboats on the bay