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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbilberrybil‧ber‧ry /ˈbɪlbəri $ -beri/ noun (plural bilberries) [countable]  HBPDFa blue-black fruit that grows in Northern Europe, or the bush it grows on
Examples from the Corpus
bilberryA steep climb through bracken and bilberries brought us to a wide rocky plateau.The wind scored shivering channels through the ling and bilberries, the growth of fine, dry grass.We walked on, past sessile oaks and bilberry patches, downhill until we reached the valley.Low structure and tussock shape, which gives protection from drying winds, e.g. heather, bilberry.There was gorse as well and of course the omnipresent bilberries.Autumn came and they picked bilberries on the mountain: tiny, purple fruit that stained their teeth and their clothes.On top of the bilberries lay a few rather scrubby chanterelles, slightly battered.