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bloombloom2 verb [intransitive]  1 HBPDLGif a plant or a flower blooms, its flowers appear or open2 HAPPYSUCCESSFULto become happier, healthier, or more successful in a way that is very noticeable syn blossom She was blooming the last time I saw her.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
bloomFrom 1891 to 1911 the association bloomed.They are the wild flowers of our experience that are cultivated to bloom all our lives.But we have made deserts bloom before: could we do the same thing on the Moon?The apple trees had already finished blooming, but the tiny green fruit could hardly be called apples yet.The house looked much the same, except that a sheaf of cream and red tulips had suddenly bloomed by the front door.My house feels solid and safe and orderly; hyacinths and narcissus bloom indoors here even in the dead of winter.Its small experiment with a house brand called Arizona has bloomed into $ 50 million a year in business.The experiment bloomed into a $50 million business.They bloom virtually all year round, and some have interesting leaf colours or scents too.