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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishblossomblos‧som1 /ˈblɒsəm $ ˈblɑː-/ ●○○ noun  1 HBPDLG[countable, uncountable] a flower or the flowers on a tree or bush pale pink blossoms The cherry tree was covered in blossom.2 in (full) blossom
Examples from the Corpus
blossomIt was springtime and the slopes were ablaze with almond blossom, the vivid green terraces edged with blue irises.Shivers like blossoms fell upon her incorporeal form, silver rain and bright bubbles of light.The President, who drinks very little alcohol, sipped his favorite cocktail, a weak orange blossom.orange blossomHere we chose a cherry with pale pink spring blossom, a welcome sight early in the year.The blossoms also signify the feminine characteristics of softness, mildness and peacefulness.Lincoln squatted beside a hibiscus with three blossoms.Occasionally there were small, isolated villages, looking like white blossom carelessly tossed on the vast landscape.