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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcornflowercorn‧flow‧er /ˈkɔːnflaʊə $ ˈkɔːrnflaʊər/ noun [countable]  HBPDLGa wild plant with blue flowers
Examples from the Corpus
cornflowerThat one does not say of a cornflower that it looks blue is a linguistic point, not a psychological one.A cornflower appears to be blue, and it is blue.So one bee might specialise in red poppies, while another might focus on blue cornflowers.So Clarins created Eye Contour Gel with plant extracts from camomile, cornflower, marigold, soothing mallow and astringent witch-hazel.A dried cornflower ... How on earth did all this rubbish get into the file?For dry skin try parsley or cornflower.She rolled him on to his shoulder and two cornflowers stared at her.Beyond the hedges the cornfields were thick with poppies and edged with cornflowers.