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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcultivationcul‧ti‧va‧tion /ˌkʌltəˈveɪʃən/ noun [uncountable]  1 TACthe preparation and use of land for growing crops soil cultivationunder cultivation These fields have been under cultivation (=used for growing crops) for years.2 TACthe planting and growing of plants and crops Terraces for rice cultivation covered the hillsides.cultivation of the cultivation of tobacco3 DEVELOPthe deliberate development of a particular quality or skill
Examples from the Corpus
cultivationThe technique used was lazy-bed cultivation which is a form of hand cultivation.What concerns them is the risk that engineered plants might acquire weedy traits and escape from cultivation.Through his cultivation of Boris Yeltsin and United States aid, he kept relations positive.Moreover, shifting cultivation was still being practised in Czechoslovakia, for example, until the late 1970s at least.Not all of the losses of moorland and rough grassland to agricultural development are the result of surface cultivation and grass seeding.Some varieties of waterlilies are fairly new to cultivation whereas the majority of well known cultivars date back years.under cultivationAlmost every inch of the land is already under cultivation.cultivation ofThe ranch was used mainly for the cultivation of strawberries.Many parents think that the cultivation of manners in children requires constant nagging.