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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcypresscy‧press /ˈsaɪprɪs/ noun [countable]  HBPa tree with dark green leaves and hard wood, which does not lose its leaves in winter
Examples from the Corpus
cypressBehind him the minister stood as straight and shadowy as a cypress tree.From January to early May the biggest sources are evergreen trees such as juniper, cedar and cypress.Tom Kitain to its freshly dug grave by a grove of olive and cypress trees.In its deepest recesses, Hellhole Bay and Warnbaw Swarrip, there were virgin stands of tupelo and bald cypress.Last year, because it rained frequently during cypress season, pollen levels stayed relatively low.Crickets were singing loudly up here, and a gentle breeze stirred the leaves of the cypresses.She rested now and then under the shade of the cypresses and watched other tourists labouring in the heat.The cypresses, the olives, green to grey to green in the ever-changing light.