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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdaffodildaf‧fo‧dil /ˈdæfədɪl/ noun [countable]  HBPDLGHBPa tall yellow spring flower with a tube-shaped part in the middle
Examples from the Corpus
daffodilA deceitful day that makes one think of lilacs and daffodils, before blasting you with another cannonade of winter.In spring their window was lit from above by the yellow glow of a thick row of bright daffodils.In fact the stream ran through Florence Tremayne's garden which was a wild garden with trees and an abundance of daffodils.Scrapbooks crammed with yellowed reviews overflow on to sheets the color of daffodils, a salmon satin blanket cover.So Potrykus used genetic manipulation to insert genes from the daffodil that encode the biological machinery for production of beta carotene.Alternate them, next row up, with trumpet daffodils or papery-fine narcissi.Carpeted with daffodils and bluebells in Spring, followed by magnificent rhododendrons and azaleas.There was a wreath of laurel, intertwined with daffodils, on the coffin.