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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdandeliondan‧de‧li‧on /ˈdændəlaɪən/ noun [countable]  dandelions.jpg HBPHBPa wild plant with a bright yellow flower which later becomes a white ball of seeds that are blown away in the wind
Examples from the Corpus
dandelionToday that team breaks up and scatters to the winds like a dandelion.Yes, curlier even than Derek Johnstone's big dandelion noggin.The melody suggests innocence, butterflies, dandelions bobbing in the breeze.Weeds are rampant everywhere, dandelions, nettles, dock leaves, rose-bay willow-herb, wild roses, brambles.For a start, try leaves of lime, poplar, sycamore, holly, dandelion and groundsel.At the moment it looks more like a bit of rough pasture ... full of dandelions and clover patches.It seems, like the dandelions in spring, to be the natural order of things.Transfer to a serving bowl or to individual salad plates and garnish with dandelion, arugula or lettuce.