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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdilldill /dɪl/ noun [uncountable]  dill.jpg HBPDFHBPDFa type of herb
Examples from the Corpus
dillMr Liebman was cool as a dill pickle.Remove the fillets from the marinade, place on a board skin-side down, and scatter over the chopped dill.Sow parsley, which takes two to three weeks to germinate; cilantro, dill, chives.All of the hot pastrami sandwiches are served with a crunchy dill pickle, sliced down the middle.Tuna Italienne, with pasta; or Salmon Imperial in a delicate dill and a sherry sauce.Serve the salmon on the lentils and sprinkle over the fresh chervil or dill and pink peppercorns.Garnish with asparagus tips, lemon segments, dill and rind.I ate a ham sandwich on white bread with dill pickles that soaked through the bread and made it soggy and green.