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elderelder2 ●○○ noun [countable]  1 be somebody’s elder2 somebody’s elders (and betters)3 OLD/NOT YOUNGa member of a tribe or other social group who is important and respected because they are old a meeting of the village elders4 RRCsomeone who has an official position of responsibility in some Christian churches5 elder abuse6 HBPa small wild tree that has white flowers and black berries
Examples from the Corpus
elderThe ancestors rarely act on their own initiative: generally these avenging angels of justice are invoked by the local elder.I myself have watched many elders labour over their paintings and pour spiritual potency into these creations.Classical music elders may turn up their noses, but so far, the antics are working.Such elders may have given positive meaning to experiences of anxiety, poverty, chronic illness, multiple losses and death.At a very early age children learn to self-justify, because they learn it from their elders who are continuously doing it.It is natural enough for them to want to acquire knowledge from their elders.the tribal eldersHowever, as stories so often show, what elders say youth disregards.