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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishevergreenev·er·green1 /ˈevəɡriːn $ -ər-/ adjective  1 HBPan evergreen tree or bush does not lose its leaves in winter opp deciduous2 POPULARan evergreen sportsman, singer etc is still good and popular even though they are fairly old the evergreen Cliff Richard
Examples from the Corpus
evergreenThe thin walls were banked with earth and evergreen boughs.The evergreen heart-throb thought he should be an expert on the subject having been wed three times.The leaves are evergreen or semi-evergreen since they can be heavily defoliated in severe winters.The group's name matches the evergreen quality of Farrar's songs.Dwarf wax myrtle is an evergreen shrub in the 2-to-4-foot range.These evergreen shrubs may be trained as hedges or wall shrubs.From January to early May the biggest sources are evergreen trees such as juniper, cedar and cypress.It included Gale, evergreen Veratrum with flowering buds, dark green and striped-leaved Pyrola and a pretty Lycopodium.Singed needles only add to the celebration because they crackle like sparklers and give off the pungent aroma of the evergreen woods.