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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfleshyflesh‧y /ˈfleʃi/ adjective  1 HBhaving a lot of flesh the fleshy part of your hand2 HBPhaving a soft thick inner part a plant with fleshy leaves
Examples from the Corpus
fleshyHis mouth was fleshy and curly.It was big and fleshy and the vultures hadn't touched it - even the eyes were still in place.He then knelt down, took out his small, sharp penknife and cut into the fleshy area between Adam's toes.On her lips-a burst of crimson asymmetrical skeptical fleshy business-and-dream sensuality-the cigarette scorching away at the tip.a round, fleshy faceHe sat on his stool, his hands in his aproned lap, his big fleshy head swaying to the music.The face itself, middle-aged, was fleshy, healthy, bossy.The plant has dark green fleshy leaves.Visible for a modest $ 2 per person fee, the nine paintings show satyr-like men grappling uncertainly with fleshy nude women.If necessary protect any fleshy surfaces with foil.