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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgorsegorse /ɡɔːs $ ɡɔːrs/ noun [uncountable]  HBPa prickly bush with bright yellow flowers, which grows in the countryside in Europe
Examples from the Corpus
gorseI reached the hilltop and followed the track between gorse bushes ablaze with flowers.There is nothing-no bunkers, gorse, whin, heather, bracken, or rough-to impede you.Inland, the hills were fixed now under their carpet of coarse heath grass, gorse and small flowers.A yellow hammer sang from its perch in a patch of gorse and a grey wag tail flew over.I was there in the gorse, Stephen.It was in those rabbit-runs through the gorse that some of the local boys used to set snares.After about 30 years they would support ling and heather, then gorse would become established.Passing the youth hostel, we climbed through gorse and bracken to Port Eynon Point.