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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgrassygras‧sy /ˈɡrɑːsi $ ˈɡræsi/ adjective  DNHBPcovered with grass a grassy bank
Examples from the Corpus
grassyBy that time college students and their black-caped Jesuit professors were hurrying across the grassy campus to classes.Steppes and any other open grassy country.Ted looked at him and then did this realistic slow-motion fall right on the grassy expanse to the side of the road.a grassy hillResler was on the stick, flaring toward the top of a grassy hill.Take the footpath between the hedge and the gravestones to go through a gate and along a grassy path.She went for him now, on the grassy river bank, surprising staider strolling couples.They landed on the little grassy strip.He could see the grassy wilderness forming a high bank beyond the old bulging stone wall that held back the encroaching hillside.