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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishherbaceousher‧ba‧ceous /həˈbeɪʃəs $ hɜːrˈbeɪ-, ɜːr-/ adjective technical  HBPplants that are herbaceous have soft stems rather than hard stems made of wood
Examples from the Corpus
herbaceousLimes have a splendid herbaceous, almost grassy quality.It has pretty herbaceous borders and an attractive paved herb garden, where on fine mornings breakfast is served.The herbaceous Paeonias are part of the glory of flower borders in the early summer.New herbaceous perennials planted now will put on plenty of root growth before winter, giving a better display next year.Hellebores tend to be more expensive than other herbaceous perennials.They will provide pockets of interest early in the year before the herbaceous plants make an impact.The spacious gardens include herbaceous, rose and evergreen borders, and many specimen trees.This potent recipe seems to satiate the hunger of both shrubs and herbaceous subjects.