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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhickoryhick‧o‧ry /ˈhɪkəri/ noun (plural hickories) [countable, uncountable]  HBPa North American tree that produces nuts, or the wood that comes from this tree
Examples from the Corpus
hickoryAlways after lunch I told them a story in a clearing under the oaks and hickories.Euell Gibbons once claimed on my living room television that some breakfast cereal tasted like hickory nuts.Add half to each pile when the time comes, plus two more hickory chunks to each side.Chris arranged for a lorry to load 12 tons of hickory wood billets in bundles at Gladstone Dock, starting at 8am.Son Barbecue, where the owner chops his own hickory.Then I started watching it in the hickory.In the last five years the hickory and the red oak are going away really quick.Mission furniture mixed with Adirondack twisted hickory and painted old pine.