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perennialperennial2 noun [countable]  HBPa plant that lives for more than two yearsannual hardy perennial(1)
Examples from the Corpus
perennialBut many of the old scents were upon those newly flowering perennials.Such fibrous-rooted subjects as bedding plants, lettuces and most herbaceous perennials will tolerate being transplanted.New herbaceous perennials planted now will put on plenty of root growth before winter, giving a better display next year.You might pair them with a new perennial vine, since the annual will supply the flowers as the perennial establishes itself.They are as melodies to the violinist, or perennials to a flower garden.No selection of prickly perennials would be complete without Acanthus spinosus.This is also the time to experiment with some unusual perennials and ornamental grasses you might not buy normally.