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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpoplarpop‧lar /ˈpɒplə $ ˈpɑːplər/ noun [countable]  HBPa very tall straight thin tree that grows very fast
Examples from the Corpus
poplarHere I am in Los Alamos, poplar hill.Also look for hawk-moth caterpillars on apple, poplar and lime trees.Between the gates and the big double doors was half an acre of lawn; the driveway was lined by poplars.Smothering the world with efficient carbon sink plantings, such as eucalyptus and genetically modified poplar, is an anathema.Nobody lives beyond that, and the track then crosses a temporary bridge of poplar logs lashed together.Street lights bouncing off a row of poplars lining the parking lot..A cloud of pigeons rose over the poplars, and scattered.