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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpoppypop‧py /ˈpɒpi $ -ˈpɑː-/ noun (plural poppies) [countable]  HBPa plant that has brightly coloured, usually red, flowers and small black seeds
Examples from the Corpus
poppyI have not seen a cultivated poppy as good as this anywhere.For this reason lupins, poppies, carrots and parsnips are notoriously difficult to transplant successfully.By November 1924,185 persons were employed, and twenty-seven million poppies were produced.What could look lovelier than any or all of these complemented by orange poppies?But it is the poppies which dazzle.I notice that my dress has three poppies at the waist.While we planted wild poppies, Mrs Saulitis told me about her love affair with the sergeant.