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rootroot2 verb  1 plant a) [intransitive]HBP to grow roots New shrubs will root easily in summer. b) [transitive] if a plant is rooted somewhere, it is held in the ground firmly by its roots a bush firmly rooted in the hard groundroot itself Clumps of thyme had rooted themselves between the rocks. Grammar Root is either passive or reflexive in this meaning.2 be rooted in something3 search [intransitive always + adverb/preposition]LOOK FOR to search for something by moving things around syn rummageroot through/in/amongst something (for something) Leila rooted through her handbag for a pen.4 pigs [intransitive usually + adverb/preposition] if a pig roots somewhere, it looks for food under the groundroot for pigs rooting for truffles5 rooted to the spot/floor/ground etc root for somebody root something ↔ out root something ↔ up→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
rootTo begin with, though, it is the narrator, Austin, in whom our sympathies are rooted.To prevent birds pulling them up, net the rows until they root and cut off any wispy tips.He roots around in a deep drawer and comes out with a bright, brand-new-looking leather strap.Saguaros in bloom, the glare of a horned owl and javelinas rooting for a bite to eat.The bush was too firmly rooted in the hard earth to dig up easily.A prime source of violence resides in the elitist educational strategies that are firmly rooted in the school ethos.A crest of wavy, blond hair was loosely rooted on a magisterial forehead.These include massacres and dislocation of civilians in the name of rooting out supposed guerrilla sympathizers.root itselfThus, the root itself is at depth 0.root through/in/amongst something (for something)His virtue was as much rooted in superstition as in goodness.My love of nature, of life and of my country took root in these simple but spiritual beginnings.Realism directed its challenge to the attempt to construct an autonomous science of law which was rooted in legal positivism.Such abuses produced a deregulatory movement that took root in the Carter administration and flourished under Ronald Reagan.The ban on giving the imagination and the mind free play is rooted in the fear of excessive individuality.The Dundee disease has its roots in a virus called money.The twelfth-century papacy was rooted in a distant and revered past.