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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrosebudrose‧bud /ˈrəʊzbʌd $ ˈroʊz-/ noun [countable]  1 HBPthe flower of a rose before it opens2 rosebud mouth/lips
Examples from the Corpus
rosebudThe Assiniboin made a dish of buffalo blood boiled with brains, rosebuds, and hide scrapings.Then she stared, amazed, at the fragile rosebud lying across his palm.I looked down at the perfect rosebud lips, the determined chin and the tiny clenched fists of my cub.Her eyes were made up with heavy black eyeliner, her mouth was a deep red rosebud.A silver candlestick was waiting to be lit and a tiny bowl held red rosebuds.Service is tip-top, the atmosphere restful and the ingredients as fresh as the rosebuds on the tables.Later this rosebud spent a weekend at the stately home of a young lord.Even in the 1976 heat-wave, I steamed uncomplainingly in polyester satin with rosebud trim.