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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsappysap‧py /ˈsæpi/ adjective  1 American EnglishEMOTIONAL expressing love and emotions in a way that seems silly syn soppy British English a sappy song2 HBPfull of sap (=liquid in a plant)
Examples from the Corpus
sappyIf the plant grows emersed, the leaves are dark green, stiff, leathery, sappy and very acutely branched.Just plain sappy is more like it.In a sappy January 19 letter, Likins informed them they have one month to submit their appeal documentation to him.a sappy love songNo sharp notes of sappy odours textured the blue air.With clunky writing, the characters are simply shallow, callow and cold, when not being sappy or self-pitying.Each of us struggles daily in a never-ending war between our brilliant selves and our sappy selves.