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shootshoot2 noun [countable]  1 HBPthe part of a plant that comes up above the ground when it is just beginning to grow, or a new part that grows on an existing plant Tender green shoots will appear in February.2 TCNan occasion when someone takes photographs or makes a film a photo shoot sponsored by Kodakon a shoot She’s out on a video shoot.3 DSan occasion when people shoot birds or animals for sport, or the area of land where they do thison a shoot The royal party was on a shoot when the incident occurred.4 green shoots (of recovery)
Examples from the Corpus
shootPlayers from almost every Premier League club were involved in a shoot that took four days and cost £400,000.Some of the guys are going on a duck shoot this weekend.The bird is served whole on the grapevine shoot and is eaten Tom Jones style.Stevens had just finished a photo shoot for a clothing company.Sever each side shoot by pulling away, or cutting if necessary, so that a heel is left attached.Madeiran willow, with its fine supple shoots, is never allowed to grow tall.We were led on camel-back to the shoot.Propagation is done by either dividing the rootstock with shoots or by planting seeds in a container of damp sand or loam.green shootsThe curtains looked like spring, but a spring that had happened somewhere else: all green shoots and rainfall and blossom.Clematis so bristles with brittle green shoots in spring that planting then is an anxiety rather than a pleasure.It can not just point smugly to the late-flowering green shoots of recovery and wait for economic summer to arrive.If green shoots are now appearing, the media is entitled to claim some credit for watering them.Using your thumb and index finger, remove soft, new green shoots to just above the set of leaves.What Forest displayed at Elland Road were not green shoots of recovery but a field of talent in full bloom.It was weeks before the bulbs in William and Jenny's bowls began to show green shoots.To claim that a packed Oxford Street is an indication of the green shoots of recovery is surely rather premature.photo shootI knew how to juggle photo shoots, prepare catalogs, everything.The Annie Leibovitz photo shoot went great.But Carter and Jamison got together for a magazine photo shoot last week.The rest of the day is a blur of photo shoots, speeches, interviews and endless briefings with his managers.I do the photo shoots for the covers.During the photo shoot, a slow stream of curious tourists and bonafide fans wander up for autographs.The exhibit features 20 color and 10 black-and-white photos shot between 1959 and 1971.on a shootHe ought to have been off somewhere else on a shoot by now.If you miss out on shooting a closing shot because of this, the recording will seem to end rather abruptly.