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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsprigsprig /sprɪɡ/ noun [countable]  HBPa small stem or part of a branch with leaves or flowers on itsprig of a sprig of parsley
Examples from the Corpus
sprigThey finished their drinks and as they got up from the table Fernando plucked a sprig of jasmine from the pergola.Here are a few sprigs for your pillow.We have also had great success with grapevine cuttings and herb sprigs, such as basil and thyme.Garnish with grapefruit sections, mint sprigs, and tomato.Gently remove sprigs of rosemary from the stalk and sprinkle over chicken with chopped parsley.Squeeze over the juice of the lemon towards the end of cooking and add the sprigs of dill to the pan.Place quail on lentils and surround with watercress sprigs.Unless, that is, his motive was to supply the infantry with sprigs of mistletoe to give to their sweethearts at Christmas.sprig ofa sprig of parsley