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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtrailingtrail‧ing /ˈtreɪlɪŋ/ adjective  HBPa trailing plant grows along the ground or hangs down
Examples from the Corpus
trailingSplit trailing edge flaps were fitted for use on landing only.Some blades are flat, but the Ransome has a slight feather down on the trailing edge.They did not have hair, but trailing fronds of leaves and bracken.No black on wings and no long trailing legs distinguish them from all other large white birds in flight.Nina was half-hidden under a four-poster bed, trailing silk sheets behind her like a bridal train.Feathery trailing stems and spikes of very small crimson flowers just above water level.On the trail of nepeta advice Can you help me with my trailing variegated nepeta?Good features Cable tidies reduce the need for countless trailing wires and plugs.