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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwitheredwith‧ered /ˈwɪðəd $ -ərd/ adjective  1 HBPDIEa withered plant has become drier and smaller and is dead or dying2 THIN PERSONa withered person looks thin and weak and old3 MITHIN PERSONa withered arm or leg has not developed properly and is thin and weak
Examples from the Corpus
witheredI should be a silent shell, wealthy and withered and bored.But he just stood still and gazed at some withered autumn flowers.Only then would he hang the burden of his shield upon a withered branch.Of our initial 20 rather withered carnations, 18 were carried off into the distance by bewildered or gracious lasses.Suddenly his withered features crumpled into a surprising smile.The Elle-men are stooped and old, and are happiest when lying in a pool of sunlight to warm their withered limbs.A withered tree protruding from the pavement cast a shadow across the bay window.