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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishPlexiglasPlex‧i‧glas, plexiglass /ˈpleksiɡlɑːs $ -ɡlæs/ noun [uncountable] trademark American English  HCPa strong clear type of plastic that can be used instead of glass syn Perspex British English
Examples from the Corpus
PlexiglasTen more, including Wendall, Barber, and Sherman, got minor face cuts from flying Plexiglas.As we joined up, the ship ahead of us was hit, showering bits of Plexiglas back on us.One day the assembly line is grinding out station wagons or Styrofoam, the next day jeeps or Plexiglas.The 24-page catalog illustrates various kinds of racks, carousels, shelves, risers and easel frames made of Lucite or Plexiglas.The village looked distorted through the raindrops on the Plexiglas.This sheep was looking right out through the Plexiglas at Mike and me.Through the thick Plexiglas, on the intercom phone, Wyatt introduced Cyril to Susan.