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compositecomposite2 noun [countable]  1 MIXsomething made up of different parts or materialscomposite of The child’s character was a composite of two girls I knew.2 SCP American English a picture of a possible criminal, made by police from descriptions given by witnesses syn identikit British English
Examples from the Corpus
compositeI was a fraud, a composite of traits I felt rightfully belonged to these two.These chitin fibres are embedded in matrix materials, making the wall material like a carbon fibre composite.The Nasdaq composite fell 8. 60 to 990. 21, though technology stocks ended the session relatively unchanged.The Nasdaq composite lost 8. 60 or 0. 86 %, to 990. 21.The Nasdaq composite was led by Cisco, which was up 211 / 16 at 8515 / 16.Several witnesses identified the man in the composite.The composite is constructed from a graphite cloth which is soaked in a special resin.composite ofThe plane's body is made of a composite of Kevlar and carbon fibers.