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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishconstabularycon‧stab‧u‧la‧ry /kənˈstæbjələri $ -leri/ noun (plural constabularies) [countable]  SCPthe police force of a particular area or country
Examples from the Corpus
constabularyA key element will be the researching of source material still held by different constabularies.According to figures released by Durham constabulary there are 15,931 firearms legally held in the county, 11,098 are shotguns.But as inspector of constabulary he would be responsible for its proper conduct.The Pribram constabulary caught the offenders, three girls and two boys aged between 13 and 14.I handed over a Ford transit van and its human contents to the Sussex constabulary.Is this the effect television-watching is having upon the constabulary?I could see various expressions pass over the faces of the waiting constabulary.A word in the ear of the Weatherfield constabulary.