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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgendarmegen‧darme /ˈʒɒndɑːm $ ˈʒɑːndɑːrm/ noun [countable]  SCPBOa French police officer
Examples from the Corpus
gendarmeThen another gendarme ran up and joined the attack, using a steel golf club.It was then he saw the approaching gendarme.Finally one of the internee chairmen managed to sneak out to issue a protest with the high gendarme officers across town.Starting in the summer of 1989, several gendarmes publicized their grievances in anonymous letters to the press.One of the gendarmes stumbled dizzily and dropped his rifle.Unlike the rock pitch on the Wellenkuppe, the gendarme turned out to be steeper than it looked.The gendarmes returned to their posts as the crowd stood frozen in stunned silence.But when the news reached him by way of a young gendarme sent by Fouchard, there had been no alternative.