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patrolpatrol2 ●○○ noun  1 [countable, uncountable]PROTECT when someone goes around different parts of an area at regular times to check that there is no trouble or dangeron patrol police on patrol in the city centre The security forces increased their patrols in the area.2 [countable]PMSCP a group of police, soldiers, vehicles, planes etc sent out to search a particular area a US border patrolpatrol boat/car (=used by the army or police)3 [countable]DL a small group of boy scouts or Guides highway patrol
Examples from the Corpus
patrolFrom here I watch a patrol of pelicans skim the ocean surface while waves crash against the rocks.Detecting suspicious activity in the community is where the bike patrol agents come in handy.the US border patrolTheir pickets were posted too close to camp, and no cavalry patrols were out.Police have increased patrols in some neighborhoods.Night patrols were introduced in many districts, and some cattle thieves were caught transporting stolen animals.They were forced to beat a hasty retreat and arrived at their rendezvous with Morris's patrol on time.Then further enemy aircraft arrived and bombed and strafed the patrol for several hours.On the way we met two patrols with machine guns and my escort had to give what I thought was a password.on patrolWarships on patrol in the Red Sea spotted two enemy jets.patrol boat/carThere will already be a couple of chaps in a patrol car down a side street as a matter of course.When Lombardy left home about 8 a.m., the detective followed and alerted an officer in a patrol car.But lifeguards on a patrol boat sent to the area could not locate the whale.Another had himself chauffeured around in patrol cars.Consequently, the riders were escorted to the state line where Mississippi patrol cars took over.Instead they took the kids away in the patrol car and told me to wait.Despite the protection of the reef, there was sufficient sea running to make the patrol boat roll through sixty degrees.Their lead over the patrol boat was down to two hundred yards.