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questionquestion2 ●●● S2 W3 verb [transitive]  1 SCPASK A QUESTIONto ask someone questions in order to get information about something such as a crimeinterrogate Two men have been arrested and questioned.question somebody about something She hates being questioned about her past. Joseph questioned the doctors closely (=asked them a lot of questions).see thesaurus at ask2 DON'T THINK SO/DOUBT ITto have or express doubts about whether something is true, good, necessary etcquestion what/how/when etc Are you questioning what I’m saying? No one dared to question his decisions.question whether One questions whether he’s telling the truth.THESAURUSquestion to ask someone questions in order to get information about something such as a crimeThe police questioned him for three hours before releasing him without charge.When questioned by reporters, he denied all knowledge about the affair.interrogate to keep asking a lot of questions for a long time, sometimes using threats, in order to get informationHe was interrogated by US agents about his alleged links to al-Qaeda. interview to ask someone questions for a newspaper, TV programme etc, or to ask someone questions to find out if they are suitable for a job, course etcDid you hear him being interviewed on ‘the Today Programme’?The woman who interviewed me offered me the job.grill informal to ask someone a lot of difficult questions about something, in a way that is tiring or annoyingShe started grilling me about why I was so late coming home.cross-examine to ask someone a series of questions in court about their previous statements, in order to find out whether they have been telling the truthThe defence lawyer cross-examined the witness in order to test his evidence.be helping police with their inquiries British English to be questioned by the police about a crime – used especially in news reports when the police think that this person may be guilty of the crimeLast night, a 21-year-old woman was helping police with their inquiries. → See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
questionHis leadership and integrity are being questioned.They were stopped and questioned by the police, who thought they were the real thing.They questioned her for three hours before releasing her.We all wondered where Sylvia got the money, but no one dared question her.What is happening to me? she questioned herself in dismay.Roughly 1000 people were questioned in the November poll.The lawyer questioned me about how money was transmitted to Mexico.Liz was very well informed and questioned me about the political situation in Africa.The interviewer questioned Miss Jarvis closely about her computer experience.From a historical standpoint, no one can question the Huskers' right to be called a great team.After questioning the suspect closely, investigators decided he was not a part of the drug operation.I have had many letters asking for advice and questioning the use of bark and shavings because of coral spot fungus appearing.His sin, anticipating Keynes, was to question the value of limitless saving.But Justice Stanley Mosk questioned whether minors are, indeed, entitled to the same privacy rights as adults.question somebody about somethingByner was questioned by police about the photograph.question what/how/when etcI followed his commands with blind obedience, never bothering to question what his purpose might have been.She doesn't question what I do or decide.Schwarz and Volgy question what it really means to live on the economy budget.I never thought there was a question how low a strike zone is.And her mind didn't question how she had got into this situation but how she was going to get out of it.They 223 question what they read, all the while making and negotiating meaning.Both chamberlain and clerk accepted it without question when they were dismissed from attendance.Sierra Leone's press ridicules the peacekeepers as cowards, and questions what use they are.