Date: 1400-1500
Language: Scottish English
Origin: Old English rad 'ride, raid'; ROAD


1 noun
raid1 [countable]
1PM a short attack on a place by soldiers, planes, or ships, intended to cause damage but not take control:
a bombing raid
an air raid warning siren
raid on/against
The colonel led a successful raid against a rebel base.
launch/carry out/stage a raid
The army launched several cross-border raids last night.
air raid
2SCP a surprise visit made to a place by the police to search for something illegal:
a police raid
an FBI raid
raid on
Four people were arrested during a raid on a house in London.
a dawn raid (=one made very early in the morning)
3SCC an attack by criminals on a building where they believe they can steal money or drugs:
a bank raid
raid on
an armed raid on a shop in Glasgow
4 technicalBFS an attempt by a company to buy enough shares in another company to take control of it

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