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raidraid2 ●●○ verb [transitive]  1 SCPif police raid a place, they make a surprise visit to search for something illegal Police found weapons when they raided his home.2 PMATTACKto make a sudden military attack on a place air bases on the mainland from which the island could be raidedraiding party (=a group taking part in an attack)3 STEALto go into a place and steal things The gang raided three homes in the area.4 to go to a place that has supplies of food or drink and take some because you are hungry Peter went into the kitchen to raid the fridge.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
raidBut before that they used to raid.Warriors now know nothing of war and cattle raiding.Police officers raided a house in North London last night, and found substantial quantities of illegal drugs.Again, the tribe had raided a neighbouring village, inflicting many casualties.Police raided a pirate video factory in Glendale.Thieves raided an Italian villa that housed a number of valuable paintings.A little later, when bankers tried to become retailers of financial services, they raided consumer-goods marketeers.In 1943, allied bombers repeatedly raided Hamburg.Police raided its founding conference at a Casablanca hotel, where 40 people were arrested and cautioned.The Casino nightclub has been closed since it was raided last month.Sadie would raid the bins for scraps when she could - perhaps her diet of rabbits needed to be supplemented.In the months that followed, security agents raided the houses of writers and broke up meetings.At the worst possible moment a brigand named Babbitt raided the shore of Philadelphia from a commandeered ship.The rebels raided the tiny mountain town early on Tuesday.raiding partyAt the home bases of Viking raiding parties?The raiding party got into the Mercedes and the Ford trucks.Then, he fears, in will come the helicopters with their raiding parties, hit men and explosives squads.The following morning, a raiding party sets out into the new territory.Space for a raiding party was limited, and jolting across the sand perched up on the back was extremely uncomfortable.